TBS Ministries, Inc.

Taking the Word of God to Future Generations

TBS Prayer Needs

Continued opportunities to share Christ with spiritually hungry individuals – There are many ways to share the Word of God to those around us. Presently, Tony is leading a Bible Study Group at one of the educational institutions where he teaches. Pray that God might encourage those engaging in this study group to “show themselves approved unto God!”

Protection on the highway during travels throughout the U.S. – Travelling is a key aspect of our ministry. Continuously, we find ourselves on highways and byways throughout the U.S. and the risks are enumerable. Pray that, while we are on the road, God protects us against accidents or major delays on our mission of serving and encouraging others. Also, include in your prayers the lives of those who accompany us in our travels – for they responded positively to our invitation to attend a Church or Conference!

Wisdom in making decisions regarding ministry development and project growth – There are always many opportunities in terms of ministry, but choosing the right one requires a continuous attitude of prayer. God wants to use us and we want to be utilized by the Lord as good stewards of His Grace. Several years ago, we started TBS Digital Publications with the goal of encouraging pastors, church leaders, and faithful believers to publish their books and writings through us and distribute them via our Bookstore. Pray that we might be able to continue developing TBS Digital Publications, which supports grace authors to publish their writings.

Funds for travel expenses, office supplies, computer, and accreditation expenses – Travelling, publishing, teaching, etc. requires resources that we’re often not able to cover. By donating to TBS Ministries, you are, together with us, working towards the goal of Taking the Word of God to Future Generations! Please consider supporting TBS Ministries with your tax-deductible gift.

Continued guidance and strength for Tony’s Presidency of St. Louis Theological Seminary – In 2011 Tony was honored with the confidence of Pastor Rick Owsley, senior pastor of St. Louis Bible Fellowship, and with the Board of Regents of St. Louis Bible Fellowship, inviting him to take his place as President of St. Louis Theological Seminary. It has been a privilege to serve our Lord in this capacity ever since. In a recent meeting with Dr. Mario Indino, Director of Grace Beyond Borders Ministries, Inc. in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea, an educational partnership was formed, taking both St. Louis Theological Seminary and TBS Online Learning to those countries for the purpose of enhancing the seminary program and courses already in operation. The next step in Dr. Sistelos’ agenda is to take STLTS and TBS Online Learning to Europe and South America. Please pray for strength, wisdom, and submission to God’s will.

Barb’s DVD lessons on “GraceBook: Running It Through the Grace Sieve” - After several invitations and speeches presented on the topic, Barb is in the process of recording another series, similar to that of the Taming the Tongue Series (2005). The number of requests for DVD lessons is impelling, and, similar to the face-to-face conferences, we trust that this media might be a blessing to viewers. Join us in prayer for funds for new equipment and software needed to produce such a project.

Barb’s New Devotional and Book - These two gems will be produced under TBS Digital Publication and made available via our website, in the Bookstore section. Pray that these two writings accomplish their intended goal of sharing the Mystery, according to the revelation given to the Apostle Paul by Christ Jesus Himself, bringing comfort and peace to readers.

TBS Online Learning – With the goal of providing fast and effective training to so many believers who want to serve in various ministry capacities, both nationally and internationally, TBS Ministries launched TBS Online Learning, Professionals Studying the Word of God, back in 2011. Our first graduation ceremony was held in Evansville in 2012. Pray with us for the further establishment of this powerful arm of TBS Ministries, which besides training professionals with a valid certificate in Biblical Studies, allows them to earn credit with St. Louis Theological Seminary.


"Pray without ceasing." (I Thess 5:17)